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Access Cash is proud to exhibit at the AHLA show in April 2019:

AHLA Convention & Trade Show 2019

AHLA Convention & Trade Show 2019 – three days of networking, learning, and celebrating with industry colleagues from across Alberta and Canada.

Latest Report from the ATMIA on the position of cash in today’s marketplace:

Cash is Good

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Access Cash will be a vendor at the following Industry Events in April 2016:

Drug Trading Showcase

Drug Trading Showcase – where business and pharmacy meet
April 15-17 at the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto, ON

ApEx 2016

ApEx 2016 – Atlantic Canada’s Premier Foodservice & Hospitality Event
April 24-25 at the Cunard Centre in Halifax, NS

ATMIA Canada Conference 2016

ATMIA Canada Conference 2016

ATMIA Canada is pleased to host the 13th ATMIA Canada Conference – the largest ATM-focused event in Canada, bringing together all of the stakeholders within the ATM space. Whether you are an ATM operator (large or small), service provider, hardware vendor or security specialist, this is an opportunity you can’t miss to network with hundreds of your colleagues.

The ATM continues to be the most secure delivery channel outside of the branch. Learn how “Innovation in the ATM World” will drive ATM growth and impact your bottom line.

Hear from experts who have a clear passion for the business, as well as the regulators you need to work with every day. Their session presentations will prove to be most educational, insightful, and relevant to a rapidly changing industry.

“Doing Business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.” – Stuart H. Britt

Most people do not let their eye stray from an ATM machine since they want to ensure their transaction executes flawlessly. The customers at your place of business most likely act in the same manner. Since the ATM already has their full attention, why not advertise on its screen?

Digital images displaying your in-store specials, contests and other promotions are a great way to spread a brand tailored message to your customers without having to shout it from the rooftops. Screen advertising can even grab the attention of a passerby.

In a world where "bigger is better", technology designers have enlarged the compact size screens that have been highly sought after for the last decade, to high resolution visual displays more grandeur in size. Take the Nautilus Hyosung 2700 for example; the sleek and sophisticated look of the façade and large touch screen makes ATM use look appealing and interactive.

The ATM has already proven to be cost effective since you have already invested in it, so why not use it to its full potential by adding some eye catching graphics to try and increase your sales?! You can also sell the ad space to maximize your revenue.

You can submit your own graphics, and you have the ability to change them as frequently as you like. This means you can always stay current, and in business- the cutting edge has the leading edge! Contact our sales team to discuss if your ATM has ad screen capability.


The Access Cash Sales team from Toronto just attended the CARWACS Convenience U Show on March 8th and 9th at The International Centre in Toronto. CARWACS is the largest event of its kind for the convenience, gas and carwash industries. With Access Cash being a vendor, allows us to showcase our impeccable service and prove to merchants in the industry that an ATM would be a valuable asset to their day to day operations.

Merchants are always searching for a way to grow their bottom line, and an ATM is a great way for a business to earn some extra revenue with little to no effort.

Not only does Access Cash get to meet potential new customers, but many of our current customers attend the show as well. Lisa Jurkovic, Senior Key Accounts Manager at Access Cash shares, "It's nice to be able to meet some of our existing customers face to face. I don’t always get to meet my clients as some of my correspondence is by phone or email. To meet with the business owner, shake their hand and thank them for choosing Access Cash makes the sales cycle come full circle".

Making a presence at these tradeshows is paramount to the growth of Access Cash, not only in selling our services, but in solidifying the relationships we have within various industries.